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Model Cars Main Section

This section aims to provide specific information about cars from different manufacturers. The Technical Information & Frequently Asked Question sections contain information regarding other aspects of cars.

For further information regarding cars not mentioned on this page please visit our Links section.

PB Racing

PB Racing Dart

We have a section devoted to the PB Racing range of cars. This initially concentrates on the 1/5th scale Dart car, as it was the last car to be produced.

The Diamond and Apollo cars cars will be featured as requested and/or if we can obtain the information.

FG Modellsport

FG Modellsport

In this section we have a limited amount of information regarding the FG Modellsport range of large scale model cars.


We have a section featuring (outdated) information about a few of the Serpent model cars.

Modified PB Dart Large Scale Car

Modified PB Dart Large Scale Car

We had some pictures sent to us of a heavily modified PB Dart 1/5th scale car.

It is an impressive piece of engineering from someone who obviously has a great deal of talent.

1/5th Scale Formula One Car

1/5th Scale Dynamic Based Formula One Car

1/5th Scale Dynamic Based Formula One Car

We were sent some pictures by José Cunha of a car that is based on a Dynamic F1 1/5th scale car.

Later he sent us some pictures of the car in it's final livery.

1/5th Scale Dragster

Home Built 1/5th Scale Dragster

After having been in contact with one of the visitors to the site who both collects cars and makes his own, we have the pleasure of bringing you a detailed report about his largescale dragster in both English and French.

SVM Large Scale Prototype Car

SVM Large Scale Prototype Car

We thank Keith Snell for sending us the pictures of the prototype SVM Large scale car he took at the European Championships in Lostallo early in 2001.

Parts Listings

In the Parts Listings section, we have full listings for the SVM, HARM and Serpent cars in the form of Windows™ CHM help files. We hope to bring you parts listings from FG Modellsport, Lauterbacher, Laro, etc., if and when we can obtain the required information.

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