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This section aims to provide information regarding tips, tricks and modifications to a particular car or part, ones that don't really warrant a specific article. The Technical Information section contains information regarding a wide range of subjects.

If you have any tips you would like to pass on to the racing community, please contact us.

Large Scale Car Brake Lever Modifications

Large Scale Car Brake Lever Modifications

We have a short article featuring a couple of simple and inexpensive tips that were submitted by Peter Deligioridis. They involve his modifications to the brakes on his FG Modellsport large scale car, although they are equally applicable to many other large scale cars such as the HARM ones.

Setting the Pinion & Spur Gear Gap

Setting the gap between gears

A simple tip and some notes to assist you in setting the gap between the pinion and spur gears on your radio controlled model car.

Large Scale - FG Battery Holder Modification

FG Modellsport Battery Holder Modification

Details of an inexpensive modification to the standard plastic battery moulding on some FG Modellsport large scale model cars and trucks to prevent it sagging submitted by Harry van der Heijden.

Large Scale - SVM Columbia Mk. 5 Brake Balancer Modification

SVM Brake Cable Modification

A simple and inexpensive solution to bypass a potential problem with the brake balancer on the SVM Columbia Mk. 5 Competition & Standard Cars.

Large Scale - Preventing Wear on the Solo Engine Flywheel

Solo Engine Pull Starter

A simple tip for preventing wear on the Solo large scale engine flywheel submitted by Harry van der Heijden.

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